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Herbert Read always kept dogs, invariably terriers. They appear frequently in the family papers, in photographs and letters. Peter was a characterful wire-haired fox terrier, who accompanied Read on many expeditions as well as being a significant presence at 'Lokshoek'(5).

Driving in a motor-car was still enough of a novelty to be an adventure. It was certainly an adventure Peter was keen to share. In October 1927 he accompanied Herbert and Blanche Read and their friend Kate on an expedition to the eastern Transvaal. Blanche kept a journal. The main purpose of the holiday was for Herbert to fish, and they moved from river to river, staying at country inns. When not fishing, Herbert sketched.

... Monday: We walk and fish and sketch, at least H does the two really excitiing things -- we supply the atmosphere of complete ease and holiday idleness. Peter enjoys everything all the time and is behaving beautifully.

Wednesday: We found a jolly little island in the fork of the river where we hitched up for the rest of the day. Had lunch & Kate & I sat among the ants & talked. Peter picked up faggots all round Kate but she remained blind to all suggestions of a game. H sketched. Fishing still useless. (Read, B 1927/8:Oct 1927)

Early the following year the Reads made a longer expedition, again with Peter, in the western and then eastern Cape.



Writers and Their Dogs


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